Accelerate Hiring with employAstar ATS Software

COVID has literally created a crisis in the world, the hiring of candidates in the companies has nearly come to a halt, and people are getting fired due to financial issues and complications. Hiring during the pandemic was based on utilizing the company’s finances in the most effective manner. There is no hit and trial method, and neither is any campus hiring.

Hiring for the company has become a crucial job to do for all HRs. However, companies like employAstar and their ATS software have made it easy for all HRs to find an eligible candidate for the company/post.

Now, when you hire for a company, you interview a lot of candidates with various kinds of skillset requirements, you might be looking up for a Graphic Designer or a Web Developer or you may be searching for a Business Analyst for your company. In cases like this, Applicant Tracking System Software has been a blessing during the hiring period.

Benefits of ATS Software by employAstar

Different skillsets, a short period of time, and many candidates to find, during the tough time nothing but AI seemed to be the best way out. To less complicate things & make the hiring process fast & easier.

The advanced Applicant Tracking System Software understands the contract staffing needs, Corporate HRs, and much more making it a desirable software for all kinds of hiring.

Data-driven hiring with AI and company needs is not possible through ATS Software by employAstar.

Configure candidate setting & company details


As an HR or a hiring manager, it is sometimes risky to show the entire picture of the company, with Applicant Tracking System you can add about the company or the brand, ATS also allows you to custom share access to particular employees based on the requirement.

Data transfer made easy with Applicant Tracking System Software

You could be a company with one hiring manager or you could be a company with multiple people being involved in the hiring process, in situations like this transferring the data to one or the other person in the team or the transfer candidate details to spreadsheets or candidate database for proper hiring & client information.

Declare the Job Openings among the recruiters


When you handle multiple clients, the necessity of candidates could be planned or could be out of urgency. When you have ATS Software it becomes easy to publish the job opportunities with the required skillset among the peer recruiters and the hiring process starts.

Client portal & candidate management


When you hire, you get hundreds of applications. The process of shortlisting, sending the right profile to the candidate, and sending the information to the candidate will be too much to handle on the table. With ATS Software, it all becomes streamlined. It allows you to contact & keep a note if you have conveyed the information to the candidate or not, as a result, you don’t miss out on any candidate by chance.

Workflow becomes easy with ATS Software


ATS Software streamlines the workflow between the recruiting managers in the company. Starting from the job application on the job portals, collecting CV, shortlisting the candidates, transferring the data to the clients and the candidates, conveying the required information to the candidates for interview & hiring, and onboarding them.

Make your hiring process simple and consistent, with ATS software by employAstar you create a user-friendly and centralized working system for everyone in the team. Applicant Tracking System Software has skillfully integrated all the required software or requirement for a proper hiring procedure.

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Importance of Cloud Recruitment Software in HR Hiring Process


Since the pandemic has taken a toll over all of us, the internet, digitization, cloud services have shown us the way to survive during the toughest of times. When we talk about survival, we cover all the departments starting from recruitment to onboarding the employees in all the companies.

However, the way of working has changed in all the streams and departments, the same scenario applies to the recruitment and hiring department as well. For hiring, the applicant tracking system software has been a great help for all the HRs to track the right candidate for the company. But the follow-up part has been tough since the work from home scene has been existing. Gone are those days when the hard copy of resumes existed and you could easily circulate them among everyone to pick the right ones. Work from home has kept us way part than ever expected. To overcome this challenge of hiring the right talent has been solved by cloud-based recruitment software.

Now, that everything is on the cloud, then why not the resumes & the approval or onboarding of the candidates in the companies. The traditional ways of hiring and recruitment merely exist in any company. There are plenty of cloud-based recruitment software companies that offer cloud-based software to the companies based on their needs. Yes, you can go ahead and have the customized software that offers you all the services you wish to have in your software. employAstar provides the best HR management software built on the No.1 CRM platform, Salesforce.
Benefits of using Cloud-based Recruitment Software.

No doubt that getting cloud-based software for hiring and recruitment procedure would help the best to entire team during the work-from-home process. Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of using cloud recruitment software.



As all the information is saved on the cloud, you can access the entire data from anywhere in the world and anytime. As a recruiter, the candidates are important to you so that you don’t lose the best talent to your opponents, which makes it important for you to be available for your candidate whenever & wherever they want. All you have to do is, just log in and get access to all the data about your candidate and their job role. Hence, it is one of the best things about cloud-based recruitment solutions to work efficiently whenever you want.

Data Management


Applicant tracking system can help you get the best of the resumes for your job requirement, but what about the later part? The follow-up, interview & information carry forward procedure could be messy and hectic, as the interviewer would be a different person and you would be the only mediator to help the other with correct information. When you have so many resumes open out there, it would confuse you with other information that can lead to mistakes as well. But when you have a cloud-based recruitment software, you can easily club things and follow-up and update them as and when you receive the information about the candidate. The cloud-based hiring also helps in forwarding the profile to the interview or others in the team who would wish to go through the profile of the candidate.

Hence, you have all sorted in different folders neatly without any confusion. Pull out information as and when required or update the profile with the further recruitment process.

Easy Installation & Integration


Adding a new employee to a team is indeed a teamwork! It is not only you who hires the candidates, the approval comes from the entire team to get the most eligible candidate onboard. Work from homes makes the synchronization quite tough when it comes to managing things with the traditional hiring tools. Whereas, updated & latest cloud-based recruitment system like employAstar provides latest software that enables access to everyone to the profile of the candidates. Hence, a lot of clarity & easy update on the status of hiring or selecting the candidate. As a result, cloud recruitment software makes the entire transition easy.



Traditional hiring software does not allow extra space to integrate new things into the existing software, which as a result leads to extra payment to have the advanced hiring tool to your hiring software or you have to pay more for add-on services. Whereas when you have cloud-based recruitment software, the hiring software updates itself whenever there is a system update & does not cost you more as well. As customization is something that comes with happy-to-have series.

Why have employAstar Cloud-based Recruitment Software?


employAstar’s cloud-based recruitment solution is built upon an advanced and powerful platform of Salesforce that provides super-fast recruitment agency software for staffing agencies, Contract staffing needs, corporate HR, and campus hiring too.

The cloud-based hiring software by employAstar is mostly designed to reduce the screening of through numbers of resumes, tracking and updating the hiring status, and whistling the monotonous paperwork of the HR team.
Get the ATS software solution with employAstar & say goodbye to all your HR problems.

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6 Ways to Choose Best Onboarding Software

What Is Onboarding Software?


onboarding software

Onboarding software simplifies the administrative work of the HR manager when recruiting new employees. It usually integrates with an HR management system and eases the transition of new hires into their roles. It eliminates paperwork, connects new hires to employees across the company, creates personalized workflows, and provides new hire welcome portals. It facilitates communication between the new hire and employer and also allows both to track paperwork and training progress. This results in higher employee engagement as they get to know their new company, colleagues, department, and role.

It is proved that organizations with onboarding Software experience higher productivity, increased retention, and improve employee performance. By automating onboarding processes saves HR managers time and regulates the onboarding and training process.

Does Your Organization Need Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software is available for just about every process your department has in place. They should install the software if you are spending time manually doing all the paperwork and working in a compliance-heavy industry. To ease down the documentation stress and standardize the onboarding process. Based on specific job titles and employment levels it can be customized. If you are missing deadlines and when your organization is facing exponential growth it might be time to start using onboarding software before these issues begin.

How does onboarding software help rapid onboarding during this pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in organizations. Some are still using manual and paper-based onboarding processes which delay the employment of new staff. Some businesses saw a rise in demand and needed to hire staff quickly therefore, using onboarding software will streamline the process.

Onboarding is an important event in an employee’s journey with an organization. With the current social distancing measures, it has become a necessity for organizations to use onboarding software to meet the rapidly growing needs of the business. It reduces the onboarding time for both the business and the new starter as the whole process such as verification, contracts, and connecting new workers with their teams can be digitized using the HR software.

Onboarding a single candidate with face-to-face contact became impossible during COVID-19. For those organizations that have now digitized this process in an effort to streamline onboarding has proved an essential element in providing a prosperous relationship with their company. When developing a digital onboarding process for your organization you should ensure it meets the unforeseen demands of tomorrow.

COVID-19 has increased the need for uniform digital onboarding software. An onboarding software should allow organizations to quickly onboard new recruits and should allow for compliance checks to be verified in real-time. A candidate should be able to fill out skills, qualifications, certifications, and other needs that will help HR managers to place them in the most suitable roles. The process should be able to also meet tax and retirement compliance requirements.

Onboarding software offers organizations to build powerful candidate and workforce profiles that can help businesses respond to a crisis or evolving business demands. Digital onboarding will improve data quality and reduce costs. It will enable a streamlined offboarding process in relation to short-term and contingent staff.

During the COVID-19 pandemic getting new staff in just a matter of weeks is no simple task. It has forced organizations to think about digitization like never before. Therefore, the need for online solutions is likely to surge and it is a perfect opportunity for businesses to now bring these to the forefront. There are various Onboarding software available in the market and one such ATS software by employAstar has all the features that will meet the requirements of organizations considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

6 Ways to Choose Best Onboarding Software

employee onboarding software

Choosing the best candidate for your company is a time-consuming process. For a smooth onboarding experience, it is best to invest in good HR software that will align with the goals of your organization and act as a catalyst for employee satisfaction and retention.

An employee onboarding software should increase productivity, lower training costs, engaging your workers, and support new starters and ensure they have the best possible experience.

1. User-friendly interface

If new hires have to spend hours to complete their onboarding application, then it’s better to avoid programs that are complicated and change your onboarding software. Instead look for software that’s clear and easy to access and navigate, even for new hires and has a visually appealing layout as well.

2. Personalization

Employee onboarding software can be customized by employAster as per your organization’s requirements without compromising the proficiency that comes with digitization. It allows new hires to choose online training, activities, and support tools that are relevant to them. Based on the employee’s performance the HR Software will add helpful online training modules to boost their performance.

3. Gamification

Gamifying onboarding process will bring a level of fun and excitement and make it interactive to an otherwise tedious process. It improves the engagement of your onboarding process also enables new hires to gauge their progress with the power of technology. Offer themes you can use to develop incentives that align with your brand image and make things fun while keeping a close eye on the progress.
Organizations that gamified their onboarding process experience saw an improvement in engagement.

4. Assessment tools

An employee onboarding software should have a built-in assessment tool that can measure new hires’ performance, knowledge, and skills, then adjust your strategy to meet their individual needs. It should send automated surveys to new hires after an onboarding process which will help organizations assess the software more efficiently. It should also show how long each onboarding takes and where there are hurdles.

5. Advanced reporting and analytics

When onboarding new candidates, employers must be able to assess their performance and monitor each new hire’s development. It will help organizations identify the key areas for improvement in their candidate-to-employee transition phase. Inbuilt analytical HR tools should measure the effectiveness of an onboarding process.

6. Cloud-Based Technology

Finally, the employee onboarding software you select should be accessible from anywhere in the world. Today most organizations are planning to move their HR operations to the cloud because of the effortless integration capabilities of cloud technology make onboarding hassle-free. Cloud-based onboarding software offers a ready-to-use interface, flexible subscription plans, and rapidly deployable modules to trim down the time required to onboard a new hire.


The best onboarding software systems should allow for change so that you can add or remove users, features, and apps as you see fit. The right onboarding software should be accurate, improve in decision making, enhance HR department’s operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the ROI of onboarding. Onboarding software by employAstar can save HR managers time significantly and can align the onboarding process with your organizational strategy.

How HR Software Boost Your Business | Top 10 Best HR Software Solutions

What is HR software?

HR software has become the most essential tool utilized in both small and large organizations. All data is stored electronically hence, the need for jotting down data on paper no longer exists. Organizations are using HR software to keep employee information organized and stored in one place.

HR software can be integrated with other data management programs and can be customized to an organization’s needs and budget. It can assist in tracking time and approvals, goal tracking and performance management, create workflows, report on employee satisfaction, and update employee directories. HR software solutions are available for every size and type of organization.

Staffing Agency Software

Why HR software is Important for Businesses?

HR software saves your time as it automates simple processes such as pre-boarding, on-boarding, and off-boarding of employees, holiday allowance, absence tracking, produces customized reports, monitors data changes with audit trail thereby increasing overall productivity and work management.

If you have Human Resource management software installed, it will improve workflow by overseeing tasks from inception to conclusion and can boost your Business in several ways.

Improve organization

HR software automates records therefore, it becomes easier to organize and recall required information.

Streamline information sharing

Information can be shared by employers or managers across an entire organization with one click from anywhere at any time regarding procedural changes and other company news. Communication among employees is maintained at all times and the delegation of duties and reporting becomes easier.

Conquer geographical barriers

HR system can help employees and managers to communicate from remote locations and also attend training and conferences online. Through Online recruitment software employees can be hired without the need to travel or relocate.

Saves space

Minimizing the use of paper records removes the need for large storage areas and saves space, which can in turn save your company money on rent and utilities.

Optimize decision making

HR systems can help managers optimize decision-making to determine when and who to hire and how to increase productivity.

Better use of human capital

HR software makes HR professionals’ jobs much more efficient with information easy to enter and available in one place, they have more time to devote their time to benefit the organization.

Increase performance management effectiveness

HR systems make it easy to get feedback from a variety of sources. With this information, managers can suggest training systems that will be of the greatest benefit for the employee.

Administrative Efficiency

When you are predicting the further growth of your company, keeping track of employee information is likely to be difficult. Therefore a good HR software tool installed in your CRM will ensure tracking of details of employee holiday time, their payslip details, or skills and qualification details. By keeping the employee data inaccessible storage, allocation of tasks is easier and enables the HR professional to supervise the workflow better. Moreover, you don’t waste time in your administrative roles.

Reduces Risks

HR software reduces the amount of error to a bare minimum, whether its miscommunication or human error that can result in financial and legal complications. HR software manages all aspects of your business including compliance-related information keeping you on the right side of the law.


HR software warns you when something goes wrong while completing tasks. This helps you to keep track of the progress of the assignment. HR software allows you to accurately gauge issues such as turnover rate and hiring costs.

Types of HR Software

HR Software - employAstar

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

It can easily integrate with other HR applications can be used for multiple HR functions such as storing employee data, maintaining regulatory and legal requirements, recruiting and tracking applicants, managing payroll and benefits, etc.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS software helps streamline the hiring process for an organization from beginning to end. Tasks such as storing applicant data, posting job openings to multiple job boards, and screening applications for potential matches can be handled well.

Employees’ onboarding software

Helps track new employees and includes elements like pre-boarding packages, training tracking, electronic signatures, employee questionnaires, and other automated functions to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new employees.

Performance Management

It helps in assessing employee skills, set performance goals, and track improvement.

Employee Engagement

Helps improve employee sentiment and increase individual and team engagement through everyday work priorities, feedback, coaching, and analytics.

Do Companies need HR software?

HRMS - employAstar

Yes. Businesses definitely need HR software. It is the foundation to support the HR department in its recruitment process with a plan for growth. HR software is now implemented in companies to handle numerous tasks including payroll, benefits, attendance info, performance information, and much more. It is one of the most valuable investments that companies can make reduced human resource costs and take the next step forward in their life.


The Top 10 best HR software solutions for your Business


Their Applicant Tracking System can be customized to suit both small and large organizations. Their HR recruitment software is known for superior technology, customer-first approach, and innovative solutions.


Bob is a global platform that can be highly customized manner. This is great for HR departments that need tools like onboarding, time-off management, payroll reports, surveys time-tracking, benefits, and much more.


Freshteam is used by mid-sized, and big companies and has over 3,000 customers. It is good for job postings and applicant tracking.


Sapling is great for onboarding and workflow automation and offers tools like survey and feedback module, people admin, an intranet, profile templates, etc. Their goal is to save man-hours and bringing remote teams together.


ClearCompany is another HRMS company that creates and launches new products depending on what their clients need, from recruiting and applicant tracking through performance.


Factorial is an HR software solution placing a strong emphasis on data security, PTO, org charts, managing employee onboarding, time tracking, payroll, talent acquisition, and much more and all their database is GDPR-compliant.


BambooHR is an HR software with a core HRMS function they also have recruiting and performance management.


Bitrix24 is a free HR software platform used by businesses worldwide. It is known for various features such as company calendar, absence management, work reports, request forms, punch clock, and more.


ADP offers help in PEOs and payroll management to HRIS business for 2 person companies up through the largest organizations in the world.

Sage’s HRIS

Sage’s HRIS is a customizable core HR suite and is a great option for companies in the small to medium enterprise range that have a global presence.


The recruitment software helps organizations to engage and retain employees effectively and maintains a balance between your company culture, making sure that employees get what they deserve. Selecting the best HR software can streamline your workforce and boost your Business.

Benefits Of Resume Parser Software | HR Software | employAstar

Resume parsing is a software program that is pre-installed with your Applicant Tracking System. It first analyses a resume and then extracts the required information saving it in multiple fields. A recruiter can now use keywords to search the database to choose and identify the best candidate for your company. It not only speeds up the entire hiring process but is also an efficient way to organize a large amount of resume data.

Recruiters receive a huge number of resumes every day and if they are to be checked manually it becomes a tedious process. Now with resume parsing software recruitment process has become faster and easier making it extremely helpful for HR departments.

Resume Parser Software

How Does Resume Parsing Software Work?

When a recruiter receives a resume from the candidate, the resume parsing software which is already installed will scan the candidates’ CV and then extracts all the relevant information such as, candidates name, phone number, email and postal address, work experience, skills, certifications, etc. and stores them in various fields in a database for further intervention. Based on certain reports resume parsing is said to process information faster than a human brain with almost 95-97% accuracy, hence the results are much faster.

How resume parser helps HR Professionals?

The most significant responsibilities of HR professionals are recruitment as it requires them to bring in the most talented and deserving employee on board. So, getting the right hire for the right job is a challenging task. Since getting the best talent is key to the growth and success of the organization they require software to speed up their manual recruitment process.

HR professionals receive tons of potential applicants applying for a particular job role and every resume and cover letter has to be checked manually. This can be a lengthy process followed by selecting the candidates and then scheduling interviews. It consumes a lot of time to go through the resumes of each candidate before the best fit is shortlisted for the job. To make this process faster HR departments have now started use resume parsing software in a lot of organizations to create an easier and more efficient experience for all candidates.

Using resume parsing software organizations will be able to hire the right candidate faster. Some of the common fields HR professionals look for in resume parsing software are work experience, job titles, contact information, skills, professional memberships, and education.

Benefits of using resume parsing

HR Software - employAstar

Saves time

Hiring managers spend hours reading through each resume and cover letter and then retyping candidate information that comes across their desk. Once you start using resume parser it can save a lot of your time and you can focus on other relevant tasks that might need your close attention.

Maintains A Standard Format

Recruiters receive resumes and cover letters in various formats like pdf, doc, txt, docx, etc. With no consistency in the way they present information it becomes challenging to reorganize the information. If you have resume parsing software installed it can standardize the format and store it in a database. Hence, you can efficiently manage huge number of resumes and avoid confusion.

Human Errors Reduced

Another important benefit of using a resume parser is that it is programmed to remove irrelevant data from resumes and cover letters and organize it. Hence, it does not require manual intervention to enter data. Without a Resume Parser software, it would be difficult and a tedious process for recruiters to manually extract or separate such data accurately.

Smarter Hiring

Using a resume parser for recruitment increases the chance of finding innumerable qualified candidates that match your job descriptions at your company. It speeds up the process of hiring the best candidate fit for the required role.

Efficient Data Entry and Reduced Error

Candidates submit resumes with a lot of subsections and without a resume parser, it would be difficult for recruiters to manually differentiate such data. A resume parser software will simplify this process by just providing you with the data required. A candidates’ experience is important while hiring, therefore, parsers are helpful with its advanced technology as there is fewer chances of error.

Integration of All Candidate Data with ATS

When you have all your candidate data stored in one place it becomes easier to compare and select candidates. Most resume parsers come with an in-built Applicant Tracking System which will help recruiters to access everything they need about a candidate in one place for a certain job role.

Remove bias:

A resume parser can be customized to exclude specific information like age, gender, date of birth, school or university name, etc. to eliminate unintentional biases.
Social Media Parsing
Today with improved technology, it’s possible for resume parsers and ATS software to analyze a candidate’s social media pages into a usable format.


With the above-mentioned benefits of using resume parsing, HR and hiring departments in all organizations must look into using resume parsers software for hiring which is not just cost-effective but also fast and meticulous.

HR professionals don’t have to spend time finding suitable applications manually. They can now make use of resume parser.
It has become difficult to hire or call candidates for interviews this time of pandemic like COVID-19 where maintaining social distancing is crucial. Therefore, it is advisable to use resume parsers software to fasten the recruitment process.

Complete Guide of Vendor Management System

What is Vendor Management System?

Vendor Management System - employAstar
Vendor Management System

A Vendor Management System is a web-based software application that allows you to manage and procure staffing services for your company in one easy-to-use solution. Vendor Management software facilitates the interview and hire process, managing payroll and invoice data and collecting employee information.

It provides effective communication channels, and can be used by both small and large companies or industries. It enables businesses to take appropriate measures for controlling cost and helps reduce potential risks related to vendors.

Moreover, it ensures excellent service deliverability by setting organizational standards, and makes sure payments are made on time. A vendor management system in any organization or business ensures improved efficiency and long-term growth in a cost-effective manner.

Why is vendor management important?

In today’s fast-paced digital economy business have to face tough competition. Hence, it is important to invest in a proper Vendor Management software or a HR Management Software to manage their workforce better. It helps communicate and build business relations to promote cross-functional strategies that create visibility and gives you access to data and greater control.

Features you should be looking for in a Vendor Management Software

  • It should help you to register vendors quickly and easily in multilingual lists and also give complete access to your vendor’s information.
  • It should be able to rate vendor’s performance like policy compliance and distribution quality.
  • Vendors should effortlessly be able to update their information, and get notifications on order and payment details.
  • You should be able to retrieve and verify vendor’s data like business reports, financial and credit risk data, etc.

Benefits of Vendor Management System

Having the best Vendor Management Systems in your organization will help employers get the bigger picture of their entire contingent worker program. Moreover, selecting the right Vendor Management Software will keep you updated about your workforce with regard to sourcing and acquiring, improving program efficiencies and managing paying on-demand workers. Therefore, Vendor Management Software is considered as the key for the success of contingent workforce management program for any business. When companies keep workforce data in a digital location, they will be able to pre-set labour-intensive tasks and make sure hiring strategies are uniform across entire organization.

Given below are some of the benefits of using Vendor Management System for your business:


Increases Transparency

By employing a central contingent workforce management program, you will be able to get a better picture of your employees. You will be able to track their location, assets and various facilities they have access to and also payments received through a third party. 

Increase the On-Boarding Process

Most skilled employees prefer to join businesses which are reliable as they are likely to have a definite process for payments, reimbursements and invoicing. When they are satisfied with these features they are more productive. 

Automate Processes

HR and procurement teams in any organization have to scrutinize data while hiring and managing temporary workers. However today with vendor management system installed makes your work a lot easier as you will have all their data in one easy-to-use solution thereby saving your time and money with vendors. You will be able to respond to new opportunities and manage expenses and also extend assignments or contracts. With a growing external workforce, it is important for businesses to maintain contractor records like they do for their full-time staff.

Greater Control Over Reporting and Analytics

 A good vendor management software can provide you with analytics tools which allows your need to benchmark pricing for temporary workers with specific skills. You’ will be able to run hiring scenarios and also check whether you are paying more or less than your competitors so that they don’t give your workers a better offer and lure the best talent away from you.

Saves Costs

The most significant benefits of vendor management system help your business save money as it manages your payroll and note discrepancies. It avoids additional recruiting costs and training costs. Moreover, it gives insight into different labour types and their associated rates to make better better data-driven hiring decisions.

Build Stronger Relations with Your Vendors

With vendor management system companies will be able to track pre-defined performance during the tenure of the contract with vendors. This gives you a better picture and control of your vendor selection and relationship. With an integrated vendor management system, employers can now be confident about the quality and value of service that will be delivered. This will further help build trust and loyalty required to keep reliable vendors as part of your organization’s talent supply chain.

Ensure Efficient Compliance

A Vendor Management System will ensure governmental regulations are consistent across all areas of an organization’s departments and locations. It reduces risk by maintaining all information in one system, helps control significant approvals and reminders such as VISA expirations, licensing course requirement, etc. It also avoids any inaccurate results as it has a single entry point for all of your business.

Reduces Hiring Time

This is one of the most important hiring metrics to Recruitment Managers. A Vendor Management software will help employers tap the right talent quickly and effectively. This not only decreases time to hire from months to just days, but also creates a better candidate experience.

Ensures Mobility into Payment Procedures

A good HR Management Software can track time and support payment processing and expense reimbursement from a desktop or mobile device. It is the most efficient and cost-effective means of electronic invoicing as it reduces time and facilitates automatic and detailed reporting.

 Accurately Track Candidates

Online recruitment software has the most powerful applicant tracking capabilities that create an efficient hiring process associated with on boarding and off boarding of candidates. Employers can accept or reject information in the workflows as they have access to all hiring information through a Vendor Management System.

Greater Administrative Efficiencies

Vendor Management System can eliminate data duplication and cut down on administrative costs and clerical errors. It ensures compliance and also helps employers manage better relationships with their vendors. A Vendor Management system gives employers to gain control over their workforce and achieve total talent management in today’s global and digital economy.

Better Value

Ultimately, implementation of a good vendor management system can result in long-term savings as well as improved earnings for your organization over a period of time.

How Vendor Management System helps HR/Staffing process?

Staffing agencies work with various suppliers and vendors. They use Vendor Management System to distribute jobs, to stay organized and to streamline the efficiency of receiving and updating jobs. This online recruitment software helps staffing agencies to find candidates to fill these jobs while reducing costs, enhance payroll and invoicing, gives access to critical data and increases business opportunities.

Finally, the right VMS for your business will allow you to modernize processes, and make strategic business decisions based on facts. With Vendor Management Software you can capitalize on new business opportunities in today’s digital economy. If you are looking for the best Vendor Management Software for your business we at employastar can provide the right solution that will integrate withcompany’s contingent workforce management program. So, why wait. Call us now for more details.

How Applicant tracking System works

Applicant Tracking System

How applicant tracking system works? The biggest change the recruitment industry is experiencing today is an overwhelming use of Applicant Tracking System Software. Almost all the fortune 500 companies have opted for ATS and even the middle sized companies are going for it. These days’ candidates have to learn the mechanism of the ATS, if they want their resume to reach a real recruiter. So let’s find out how applicant tracking system works .

What is an ATS Software?

An ATS software works as a software for recruiting and hiring. One of the basic jobs performed by an ATS is resume parsing. Resume parsing is one of the reasons, why ATS software is being preferred so much by the organizations. It saves them from the huge burden of going through thousands of resumes.

Hence, as most of the organizations are opting for ATS software a candidate needs to realize that his or her resume is never going directly to the HR manager. Each resume will go through the filtration of the ATS. ATS will extract the relevant information from the resume and segregate it standard categories.

Thereafter, it will save the file into the system in machine readable format. Once all the above mentioned procedures are completed then only your resume might reach to an HR depending on the ranking it received. Your resume ranking depends on the algorithm of the Applicant Tracking System.

Applicant Tracking System

Employers prefer ATS Software

Any big or even mid-sized organizations have hundreds of jobs at a time and they receive almost thousands of resumes for each and every vacancy. When it was done manually it use to took several days to complete a recruitment process. Whereas with the use of ATS 95% of the hard work can be avoided as it filters out all the relevant resumes at once.

ATS stores and maintains all the records in a centralized database which maintains data hygiene. It helps the recruiters and the managers in staying organized and maintains the compliance with rules and regulations. An ATS also saves time by instantly filtering out the best and the most relevant candidate profiles.

ATS Software is taking over recruitment

According to the survey all fortune 1000 and 500 companies are using various Applicant tracking Systems for their recruitment needs. There are a number of ATS systems in the market with their features, lags and specialties. But a good ATS will have a cloud based system with a centralized database. It will need to have a good operating platform to work efficiently. Moreover it has to be accompanied by some extra features such as CRM, Vendor Management System, filtered search etc. to perform at the optimum standards.

How ATS Software functions

ATS collects and stores the candidate profile in a centralized database which professionals can access. The databases works with various social platforms and job portals to cross check the records and maintain a huge talent pool. The information in an ATS software can be stored even if the HR’s are searching for relevant profile and someone is not actually looking for the job at that point of time. It also helps further in background check.

Filtering Resumes

Some recruiters still prefer to go through each and every resume so that no top talent goes unnoticed. In such scenarios also, an ATS software comes handy as a recruiter can go through all the information, once they have been presented in a systematic format. This helps more, in instantly reading out some key features of the resumes and then evaluate that does it deserve further attention. Hence, from candidate’s point of view one should be crystal clear about mentioning the keywords and there should not be any ambiguity.

Automated Ranks

ATS these days have become smart enough to compare the candidate’s profile with the job description. It will evaluate that how well your resume information is in line with the job description and will provide rankings on its basis. It eases the burden of the recruiters as they can focus on the best matches and spare themselves from going through the whole lot.

Keyword search

An ATS concentrates mainly on the keywords entered by the recruiter when searching for relevant profiles. Usually a search contains multiple relevant keywords. It makes a recruiter’s job much easier and uplifts the quality of the recruitment as they can concentrate on researching the profiles. From a candidate’s point of view, they should research and include all the relevant keywords in the resume to perform well with an ATS.

Resume format

Resume formats were also becoming a problem in manual recruiting as every candidate was coming with different formats and designs. First of all, many of the resumes looked much flashy rather than professional. Secondly finding the relevant information through various formats was becoming tedious and time taking. Hence, an ATS turns every resume in a machine readable document by segregating the information in a streamlined way.

Due to the volumes of resume, these days most of the recruiters never get your original resume, rather they get the machine version. This is an avenue, where your ATS needs to be really a functioning one. If your ATS algorithm is not equipped to go through complex information or not backed by a strong CRM operating system such as, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics, Sap etc., then the results produced by ATS might miss some of the crucial profiles.

Viability of an ATS

While obsolete frameworks are still being used at some substantial organizations, we are seeing new ATS being created for the cutting edge technological companies. As managers battle for the best Profiles, interaction with candidate is gaining more importance. With the introduction of AI in the recruitment software the automation and the ranking system is here to stay and are just becoming more complex. So to go ahead in the current market an ATS software optimized resume is a necessity.

ATS Software in 2021: Expectations and Recommendations

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software) is much more than just a tracking and sourcing software. An ATS can streamline the hiring process, attract the top talent and instill automation in the hiring process. The demand for ATS software is steadily growing and last year its global market revenue was approximately 19 million and has been predicted to reach 36 million by 2025.

Last year the most used ATS software features were social recruiting, automated interview scheduling and bulk communication and profile segregation. So what are going to be the most used and expected features of a competent online ATS in 2021? Let’s take a look.

Small and mid-sized businesses will expect the ATS to be all in one, easy to use, automated and affordable i.e. a perfect blend of ATS, VMS and CRM.

Big businesses are expected to continue the usage of the ATS at a steady rate, but the small and the middle sized companies will like to have a software which has all in one capability. Apart from performing the recruitment, it should also be able to perform the staffing and CRM capabilities.

It will become much more affordable if an ATS can perform the CRM, Staffing and VMS capabilities as the money spent on those processes will be saved and it will bring a streamlined and organized approach to every department, which will also save a lot of money, which gets wasted because of haywire management.

Large companies in 2021 might look for more enterprise level services such as HRIS, HRMS, and talent management functions within ATS software with more utility and options.  But the small and mid-sized companies will look forward to an ATS software which will have all the necessary tools to manage various modes of recruitment from start to finish. It will save a lot of expenditure for the small and the middle sized companies as it will help in managing all the processes through single software.

An all in one, ease to use and automated ATS  software also resolves the unnecessary complexities and expenses in the processes. Moreover small and the middle sized companies will also like to bring the VMS under the ATS as it will ease the transactions. So in short 2019 will be the year of an ATS which has the perfect blend of ATS, VMS and CRM.

Experienced recruiters will look for an ATS Software with smarter CRM capabilities

Post recruitment, the biggest problem faced by a recruiter is the performance of the employee in the new job role. It becomes a bigger problem if they have recently started hiring qualified people for important positions. Finding the right candidate will need much more utility and flexibility within your ATS. It will have to be based on a software platform which has some of the best CRM capabilities, such as, Salesforce, HubSpot, Fresh sales, etc.

Moreover, an ATS needs a good CRM as the profiles are stored in a CRM format. The amount of efficiency a CRM platform shows in functionality and the search feature is responsible for the quality of talent recruited as the amount of sourcing improves. An effective CRM system will help in maintaining an extensive talent pool.

Video SMS is the next best thing

Video messaging and voice controls have been introduced in recruitment software and can be the next best thing. Rather than sending an email, you can send a video message to the candidates. You can also perform the search through voice instructions into a CRM.

Some ATS are developing features with video messaging and voice mails. Some ATS even have been functioning with such features. But the feasibility of the proper functioning is still to be proven. Still, if it functions properly then it could really act as a google assistant

Operational excellence is more important than innovation

The ATS software development has reached a stage where it has achieved some of the best possible scenarios of human interaction. Now there are very few scopes of innovation. So in 2021, we will look forward to development in the operational parts of the Applicant Tracking System software. Companies will like to see more operational efficiency in VMS modules, easier implementation of automation, hassle frees scheduling, real-time updates, data in the much more segregated way and much more.

Building Talent Pipeline

These days’ companies are focusing more on building a talent pipeline prior to recruitment. They are looking for a readily available talent database at any given point. In 2021 the companies will be more focused on automated screening, instant sourcing, prior campaigning, and recruitment marketing.

Top Benefits of Selecting a Good Staffing Agency Software

Recruitment Software

These days staffing agencies are in a serious need of automating there processes to stay ahead of the competition. Automation has slowly become an essential tool to outsmart the competition and grow as a top recruiter. When such is the scenario, the best and the most viable option is to go for a staffing agency software.

Many recruiting agencies and companies themselves are using ATS and recruitment software to fulfill their recruitment needs. But as a staffing agency you need much more than recruitment software, as recruitment needs, regulations and formalities varies from company to company.

A staffing agency software must have all the components of a recruitment software along with the CRM and VMS features. The primary reason is that a staffing agency manages candidates, along with the vendors and the clients.

Therefore, a good staffing agency software, has to be a perfect blend of CRM, ATS and VMS. This will be the best scenario, as right clients will get the right candidates. Staffing agency software will also let you efficiently manage external hiring of vendors and subcontractors in a situation of staff shortage. It will maintain your efficiency, even without expanding the team.

On that note, let’s further evaluate some key benefits of using Staffing Agency Software:


  • Filtering and selection of the relevant candidate profiles become extremely fluent and easy
  • The administrative work gets reduced many folds
  • Efficient tracking of the candidate job profiles and work history can be performed
  • Merging of several administrative tasks such as, interviews, appointment, scheduling etc., saves time
  • The best part is that it will increase the quality of your hiring and save you from wasting your time on formalities


  • The human error causes because of multitasking can be eradicated
  • The accuracy of the information can be enhanced by automating data entry
  • Even the tracking could be done more accurately through automation as it will not be fooled by incorrect timesheets
  • As automation will furnish error-free data, hence it will facilitate a better match between clients and candidates
  • It will improve the quality of placements
  • Automation will allow you to create customized filters for relevant searches


  • Staffing agency software will maintain a centralized, integrated and updated database
  • It will make the decisions making informed and competitive
  • A good Staffing agency software will be equipped with latest technology which will get the job done in a more efficient way
  • Latest Staffing agency software’s have cloud based features which makes them assessable from anywhere
  • When an ATS will work in tandem with VMS, it will create a streamlined mechanism


  • The filtration and search of the candidates, will become faster through a Staffing agency software
  • Staffing agency software gives you faster sourcing and placement through various channels
  • With automation, interviews and appointments can be completed in a lesser time frame
  • Automation can also help you in moving a candidate through the hiring process


  • A good Staffing agency software will make social recruiting extremely easy
  • With all the social platforms and job portals integrated, sourcing of the candidates will become better

Some other avenues which get simplified by the utilization of staffing agency software are as follows:


  • A staffing agency software can hold data about every one of your probable candidates. It will help immensely, as to effectively source candidates; you will like to have details about their backgrounds and work histories.
  • If you begin with an applicant’s resume, then resume parsing is simple with the ATS of a staffing agency software. Resume parsing lets you rapidly include the applicant’s data.
  • You can likewise utilize the product to record conversations you have with applicants. For instance, you can record when you meet an applicant or inform them about an update.


  • Staffing agency software can be efficiently used for email marketing. It will make your presence felt, to both clients and candidates.
  • Open job and order requisitions can be send to the candidates and clients to keep them on board
  • You can also opt for sending follow up emails to clients and inform them about more openings


  • Staffing Agency Software segregates your candidate details, client details and job orders
  • You can use filtered search to go through this segregated list


  • Staffing Agency Software can be used for scheduling interviews, appointments and meetings
  • You can use ATS calendar for scheduling phone calls, emails and interviews
  • All the future follow ups of communication and marketing can easily be tracked
  • Every task can be set for automated reminders

Some other exclusive benefits of CRM & VMS


Every day, customers collaborate with your consulting group. Consistently, your group endeavors to create some bonding with these customers. But does your group maintain some records, such as,

  • Who has officially talked with whom?
  • Does your organization as of now have built up associations with these customers?
  • At the point when was the last time your advisors connected with a customer?

With the privilege of Staffing Agency Software’s CRM, your group can altogether reinforce coordinated effort. By feeding all contacts and updates in a single database, your group will instantly know which customers require activity and which customers have been taken care of.

With a cloud-based CRM, your group can precisely perceive the bigger picture, enhance project management, and at last drive better customer engagement across all departments.


CRM does not simply profit your inside activities. It really upgrades the manner in which your customers and prospects work with you too. Today, customers expect a streamlined affair. They anticipate that you will know their necessities and will meet them productively, without putting them on hold.

That is the place CRM can help. CRM programming can help you rapidly distinguish a customer and where its purpose of contact was last left off, with your group. By being proficient and mindful, you can convey amazing client benefit, enhance maintenance, and increase customer fulfillment.


Regardless of whether you are a piece of an autonomous practice, a little counseling firm, or a bigger office, it is essential to pick a CRM framework that spares you cash. This doesn’t constantly mean finding the least expensive CRM or even a “free” choice. This implies executing a CRM that will lessen costs and enhance ROI over the long haul.

Free CRM frameworks can be enticing, however, they are typically joined by many shrouded expenses. Furthermore, they are not constantly far-reaching in case of arrangements.

Staffing Agency Software’s comes with an integrated CRM which performs all the tasks while maintaining integration with the ATS and VMS. This integrated functioning of all the modules saves a lot of money which usually gets wasted on individual installations.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software) is a software that makes the process of recruitment much easier by searching and segregating the relevant information on your behalf.

An ATS Software can be used via internet from anywhere and it can be implemented on various sizes of businesses. There is also option of choosing from free or open source software.

In a broader sense ATS works as a CRM software, but is designed to handle all the aspects of recruitment process. An ATS works on the basis of various generic or customized filters such as keywords, skills, experience, education etc.

How an ATS Software Works?

The main function of an ATS is to build up a centralized database by collecting and processing information from various sources to cater the specific recruitment needs of a company. It collects the information from various applicants and processes it in an organized format.

The information is collected either through individual application or from various job portals, which are integrated with an ATS.

The recent and better ATS systems have a well-functioning AI, which can automate the whole process based on the customization you set. The other features that are used along with the AI are natural language processing (NLP), guided semantic search capabilities & cloud based platforms. Any good ATS these days must have a cloud based recruitment platform as the businesses have such an outreach these days.

Why Should employers Use an Applicant Tracking System?

The biggest benefit of an ATS lies in the amount of effort and time it saves. Moreover, as it is often said that an informed decision is a better decision. The automation factor of the an Applicant Tracking System streamlines the recruitment process which otherwise is all over the place. It sequentially initiates and completes all the processes along with notifying all the key personnel and departments. It sends alerts for each step to the responsible persons and concludes the process according to the given time frame.

With an ATS  you get a huge candidate pool through portal integration and centralized database which makes your hiring decisions much better.

An Applicant Tracking System usually has a resume parsing feature which extracts the information from various formats and arranges them in an organized manner. It supports all document formats and presents the information in machine readable output which enables an ATS to find any relevant information much faster.

A good ATS can customize itself according to the needs of a specific organization.

An useful component of an ATS is a powerful search feature which can penetrate through the huge centralized database and collect all relevant information instantly. ATS solves another huge problem faced by the recruiters, which is the burden of bulk communication.

An usual and manual recruitment process consists of so much ongoing communication that recruiters have very little time to research about the candidates. The automated email and sms integration of an Applicant Tracking System does this for every candidate, which lets a recruiter focus on the quality of the recruitment.

An ATS have features such as Vendor Management System, Billing Calendars, Invoice modules, Timesheets, Expense tracking module, Leave management module etc. which automates all the respective steps and caters to every aspect of recruitment.

In recent times with the phenomenal rise of the social platforms, social recruiting feature has become a must for an ATS. It allows a recruiter to source far more candidates from social platforms. The social platforms are also integrated with the ATS through portal integration.

As ATS cuts all the noise from the recruitment process and streamlines it, hence, it ultimately benefits the quality of the talent acquisition and subsequently to company’s workflow. With the use of an Applicant Tracking System over time the talent acquisition strategies of the hiring team improves and strengthens HR administrative activities.