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Finding the Top Profiles

Finding the Top Profiles
Has Never Been Easier

It’s good news that recruiting the best profiles has never been easier. Recruiters and hiring managers can easily search the resumes stored in the Applicant Tracking System by using a few different functionalities like “View Application”, “Automatic Ranking”, “Keyword Ranking”, etc.

Save the Best Profiles

Save the Best Profiles for
Future Recruitment Drive

While analyzing the profile of a candidate is easy, the recruiters can also make notes of star-rate each candidate. As mentioned above, ATS store resumes, so it’s possible that a candidate will be contacted for another position with the same company later on, but there is a fair chance of striking gold here! Most of the top organizations like yours stick to the same popular practice and achieve their hiring and recruitment goals.

Save Resources

Save Resources,
Time & Money

Applicant Tracking System Using an ATS saves both time and money. Information from applicants is uploaded and organized in a database, making it easily accessible and searchable for human resources professionals. Because the information is collected and automatically organized digitally, companies do not have to pay for additional time to sort and file paper applications.

Nail the Best Profiles

Nail the Best Profiles & Elevate
Your Organizations Repute

Hiring is not really a cake walk, it's a tough process that can put the company's business at stake. It's not just a one-step DIY process and as it involves various complex phases throughout the hiring journey. Finding the right talent is the stepping stone towards building a successful business environment and a great company repute. ATS is the savior of the ship here.

Here's how employAstar can benefit your business

CRM Platform

Built on World’s #1 CRM Platform Salesforce Integrated platform, AI, Applicant Tracking System

24*7 Support

Customization & 24*7 Support According to workflow of business product can be customized

high ROI

Fast Time to Value Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI

Scalable and Flexible

Scalable and Flexible Solutions for any size company

We follow a robust 10 step process that covers
all the core elements of the recruitment cycle

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