Top Benefits of Selecting a Good Staffing Agency Software

Recruitment Software

These days staffing agencies are in a serious need of automating there processes to stay ahead of the competition. Automation has slowly become an essential tool to outsmart the competition and grow as a top recruiter. When such is the scenario, the best and the most viable option is to go for a staffing agency software.

Many recruiting agencies and companies themselves are using ATS and recruitment software to fulfill their recruitment needs. But as a staffing agency you need much more than recruitment software, as recruitment needs, regulations and formalities varies from company to company.

A staffing agency software must have all the components of a recruitment software along with the CRM and VMS features. The primary reason is that a staffing agency manages candidates, along with the vendors and the clients.

Therefore, a good staffing agency software, has to be a perfect blend of CRM, ATS and VMS. This will be the best scenario, as right clients will get the right candidates. Staffing agency software will also let you efficiently manage external hiring of vendors and subcontractors in a situation of staff shortage. It will maintain your efficiency, even without expanding the team.

On that note, let’s further evaluate some key benefits of using Staffing Agency Software:


  • Filtering and selection of the relevant candidate profiles become extremely fluent and easy
  • The administrative work gets reduced many folds
  • Efficient tracking of the candidate job profiles and work history can be performed
  • Merging of several administrative tasks such as, interviews, appointment, scheduling etc., saves time
  • The best part is that it will increase the quality of your hiring and save you from wasting your time on formalities


  • The human error causes because of multitasking can be eradicated
  • The accuracy of the information can be enhanced by automating data entry
  • Even the tracking could be done more accurately through automation as it will not be fooled by incorrect timesheets
  • As automation will furnish error-free data, hence it will facilitate a better match between clients and candidates
  • It will improve the quality of placements
  • Automation will allow you to create customized filters for relevant searches


  • Staffing agency software will maintain a centralized, integrated and updated database
  • It will make the decisions making informed and competitive
  • A good Staffing agency software will be equipped with latest technology which will get the job done in a more efficient way
  • Latest Staffing agency software’s have cloud based features which makes them assessable from anywhere
  • When an ATS will work in tandem with VMS, it will create a streamlined mechanism


  • The filtration and search of the candidates, will become faster through a Staffing agency software
  • Staffing agency software gives you faster sourcing and placement through various channels
  • With automation, interviews and appointments can be completed in a lesser time frame
  • Automation can also help you in moving a candidate through the hiring process


  • A good Staffing agency software will make social recruiting extremely easy
  • With all the social platforms and job portals integrated, sourcing of the candidates will become better

Some other avenues which get simplified by the utilization of staffing agency software are as follows:


  • A staffing agency software can hold data about every one of your probable candidates. It will help immensely, as to effectively source candidates; you will like to have details about their backgrounds and work histories.
  • If you begin with an applicant’s resume, then resume parsing is simple with the ATS of a staffing agency software. Resume parsing lets you rapidly include the applicant’s data.
  • You can likewise utilize the product to record conversations you have with applicants. For instance, you can record when you meet an applicant or inform them about an update.


  • Staffing agency software can be efficiently used for email marketing. It will make your presence felt, to both clients and candidates.
  • Open job and order requisitions can be send to the candidates and clients to keep them on board
  • You can also opt for sending follow up emails to clients and inform them about more openings


  • Staffing Agency Software segregates your candidate details, client details and job orders
  • You can use filtered search to go through this segregated list


  • Staffing Agency Software can be used for scheduling interviews, appointments and meetings
  • You can use ATS calendar for scheduling phone calls, emails and interviews
  • All the future follow ups of communication and marketing can easily be tracked
  • Every task can be set for automated reminders

Some other exclusive benefits of CRM & VMS


Every day, customers collaborate with your consulting group. Consistently, your group endeavors to create some bonding with these customers. But does your group maintain some records, such as,

  • Who has officially talked with whom?
  • Does your organization as of now have built up associations with these customers?
  • At the point when was the last time your advisors connected with a customer?

With the privilege of Staffing Agency Software’s CRM, your group can altogether reinforce coordinated effort. By feeding all contacts and updates in a single database, your group will instantly know which customers require activity and which customers have been taken care of.

With a cloud-based CRM, your group can precisely perceive the bigger picture, enhance project management, and at last drive better customer engagement across all departments.


CRM does not simply profit your inside activities. It really upgrades the manner in which your customers and prospects work with you too. Today, customers expect a streamlined affair. They anticipate that you will know their necessities and will meet them productively, without putting them on hold.

That is the place CRM can help. CRM programming can help you rapidly distinguish a customer and where its purpose of contact was last left off, with your group. By being proficient and mindful, you can convey amazing client benefit, enhance maintenance, and increase customer fulfillment.


Regardless of whether you are a piece of an autonomous practice, a little counseling firm, or a bigger office, it is essential to pick a CRM framework that spares you cash. This doesn’t constantly mean finding the least expensive CRM or even a “free” choice. This implies executing a CRM that will lessen costs and enhance ROI over the long haul.

Free CRM frameworks can be enticing, however, they are typically joined by many shrouded expenses. Furthermore, they are not constantly far-reaching in case of arrangements.

Staffing Agency Software’s comes with an integrated CRM which performs all the tasks while maintaining integration with the ATS and VMS. This integrated functioning of all the modules saves a lot of money which usually gets wasted on individual installations.