Importance of Cloud Recruitment Software in HR Hiring Process


Since the pandemic has taken a toll over all of us, the internet, digitization, cloud services have shown us the way to survive during the toughest of times. When we talk about survival, we cover all the departments starting from recruitment to onboarding the employees in all the companies.

However, the way of working has changed in all the streams and departments, the same scenario applies to the recruitment and hiring department as well. For hiring, the applicant tracking system software has been a great help for all the HRs to track the right candidate for the company. But the follow-up part has been tough since the work from home scene has been existing. Gone are those days when the hard copy of resumes existed and you could easily circulate them among everyone to pick the right ones. Work from home has kept us way part than ever expected. To overcome this challenge of hiring the right talent has been solved by cloud-based recruitment software.

Now, that everything is on the cloud, then why not the resumes & the approval or onboarding of the candidates in the companies. The traditional ways of hiring and recruitment merely exist in any company. There are plenty of cloud-based recruitment software companies that offer cloud-based software to the companies based on their needs. Yes, you can go ahead and have the customized software that offers you all the services you wish to have in your software. employAstar provides the best HR management software built on the No.1 CRM platform, Salesforce.
Benefits of using Cloud-based Recruitment Software.

No doubt that getting cloud-based software for hiring and recruitment procedure would help the best to entire team during the work-from-home process. Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of using cloud recruitment software.



As all the information is saved on the cloud, you can access the entire data from anywhere in the world and anytime. As a recruiter, the candidates are important to you so that you don’t lose the best talent to your opponents, which makes it important for you to be available for your candidate whenever & wherever they want. All you have to do is, just log in and get access to all the data about your candidate and their job role. Hence, it is one of the best things about cloud-based recruitment solutions to work efficiently whenever you want.

Data Management


Applicant tracking system can help you get the best of the resumes for your job requirement, but what about the later part? The follow-up, interview & information carry forward procedure could be messy and hectic, as the interviewer would be a different person and you would be the only mediator to help the other with correct information. When you have so many resumes open out there, it would confuse you with other information that can lead to mistakes as well. But when you have a cloud-based recruitment software, you can easily club things and follow-up and update them as and when you receive the information about the candidate. The cloud-based hiring also helps in forwarding the profile to the interview or others in the team who would wish to go through the profile of the candidate.

Hence, you have all sorted in different folders neatly without any confusion. Pull out information as and when required or update the profile with the further recruitment process.

Easy Installation & Integration


Adding a new employee to a team is indeed a teamwork! It is not only you who hires the candidates, the approval comes from the entire team to get the most eligible candidate onboard. Work from homes makes the synchronization quite tough when it comes to managing things with the traditional hiring tools. Whereas, updated & latest cloud-based recruitment system like employAstar provides latest software that enables access to everyone to the profile of the candidates. Hence, a lot of clarity & easy update on the status of hiring or selecting the candidate. As a result, cloud recruitment software makes the entire transition easy.



Traditional hiring software does not allow extra space to integrate new things into the existing software, which as a result leads to extra payment to have the advanced hiring tool to your hiring software or you have to pay more for add-on services. Whereas when you have cloud-based recruitment software, the hiring software updates itself whenever there is a system update & does not cost you more as well. As customization is something that comes with happy-to-have series.

Why have employAstar Cloud-based Recruitment Software?


employAstar’s cloud-based recruitment solution is built upon an advanced and powerful platform of Salesforce that provides super-fast recruitment agency software for staffing agencies, Contract staffing needs, corporate HR, and campus hiring too.

The cloud-based hiring software by employAstar is mostly designed to reduce the screening of through numbers of resumes, tracking and updating the hiring status, and whistling the monotonous paperwork of the HR team.
Get the ATS software solution with employAstar & say goodbye to all your HR problems.

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