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Resume parsing is a software program that is pre-installed with your Applicant Tracking System. It first analyses a resume and then extracts the required information saving it in multiple fields. A recruiter can now use keywords to search the database to choose and identify the best candidate for your company. It not only speeds up the entire hiring process but is also an efficient way to organize a large amount of resume data.

Recruiters receive a huge number of resumes every day and if they are to be checked manually it becomes a tedious process. Now with resume parsing software recruitment process has become faster and easier making it extremely helpful for HR departments.

Resume Parser Software

How Does Resume Parsing Software Work?

When a recruiter receives a resume from the candidate, the resume parsing software which is already installed will scan the candidates’ CV and then extracts all the relevant information such as, candidates name, phone number, email and postal address, work experience, skills, certifications, etc. and stores them in various fields in a database for further intervention. Based on certain reports resume parsing is said to process information faster than a human brain with almost 95-97% accuracy, hence the results are much faster.

How resume parser helps HR Professionals?

The most significant responsibilities of HR professionals are recruitment as it requires them to bring in the most talented and deserving employee on board. So, getting the right hire for the right job is a challenging task. Since getting the best talent is key to the growth and success of the organization they require software to speed up their manual recruitment process.

HR professionals receive tons of potential applicants applying for a particular job role and every resume and cover letter has to be checked manually. This can be a lengthy process followed by selecting the candidates and then scheduling interviews. It consumes a lot of time to go through the resumes of each candidate before the best fit is shortlisted for the job. To make this process faster HR departments have now started use resume parsing software in a lot of organizations to create an easier and more efficient experience for all candidates.

Using resume parsing software organizations will be able to hire the right candidate faster. Some of the common fields HR professionals look for in resume parsing software are work experience, job titles, contact information, skills, professional memberships, and education.

Benefits of using resume parsing

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Saves time

Hiring managers spend hours reading through each resume and cover letter and then retyping candidate information that comes across their desk. Once you start using resume parser it can save a lot of your time and you can focus on other relevant tasks that might need your close attention.

Maintains A Standard Format

Recruiters receive resumes and cover letters in various formats like pdf, doc, txt, docx, etc. With no consistency in the way they present information it becomes challenging to reorganize the information. If you have resume parsing software installed it can standardize the format and store it in a database. Hence, you can efficiently manage huge number of resumes and avoid confusion.

Human Errors Reduced

Another important benefit of using a resume parser is that it is programmed to remove irrelevant data from resumes and cover letters and organize it. Hence, it does not require manual intervention to enter data. Without a Resume Parser software, it would be difficult and a tedious process for recruiters to manually extract or separate such data accurately.

Smarter Hiring

Using a resume parser for recruitment increases the chance of finding innumerable qualified candidates that match your job descriptions at your company. It speeds up the process of hiring the best candidate fit for the required role.

Efficient Data Entry and Reduced Error

Candidates submit resumes with a lot of subsections and without a resume parser, it would be difficult for recruiters to manually differentiate such data. A resume parser software will simplify this process by just providing you with the data required. A candidates’ experience is important while hiring, therefore, parsers are helpful with its advanced technology as there is fewer chances of error.

Integration of All Candidate Data with ATS

When you have all your candidate data stored in one place it becomes easier to compare and select candidates. Most resume parsers come with an in-built Applicant Tracking System which will help recruiters to access everything they need about a candidate in one place for a certain job role.

Remove bias:

A resume parser can be customized to exclude specific information like age, gender, date of birth, school or university name, etc. to eliminate unintentional biases.
Social Media Parsing
Today with improved technology, it’s possible for resume parsers and ATS software to analyze a candidate’s social media pages into a usable format.


With the above-mentioned benefits of using resume parsing, HR and hiring departments in all organizations must look into using resume parsers software for hiring which is not just cost-effective but also fast and meticulous.

HR professionals don’t have to spend time finding suitable applications manually. They can now make use of resume parser.
It has become difficult to hire or call candidates for interviews this time of pandemic like COVID-19 where maintaining social distancing is crucial. Therefore, it is advisable to use resume parsers software to fasten the recruitment process.

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