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COVID has literally created a crisis in the world, the hiring of candidates in the companies has nearly come to a halt, and people are getting fired due to financial issues and complications. Hiring during the pandemic was based on utilizing the company’s finances in the most effective manner. There is no hit and trial method, and neither is any campus hiring.

Hiring for the company has become a crucial job to do for all HRs. However, companies like employAstar and their ATS software have made it easy for all HRs to find an eligible candidate for the company/post.

Now, when you hire for a company, you interview a lot of candidates with various kinds of skillset requirements, you might be looking up for a Graphic Designer or a Web Developer or you may be searching for a Business Analyst for your company. In cases like this, Applicant Tracking System Software has been a blessing during the hiring period.

Benefits of ATS Software by employAstar

Different skillsets, a short period of time, and many candidates to find, during the tough time nothing but AI seemed to be the best way out. To less complicate things & make the hiring process fast & easier.

The advanced Applicant Tracking System Software understands the contract staffing needs, Corporate HRs, and much more making it a desirable software for all kinds of hiring.

Data-driven hiring with AI and company needs is not possible through ATS Software by employAstar.

Configure candidate setting & company details


As an HR or a hiring manager, it is sometimes risky to show the entire picture of the company, with Applicant Tracking System you can add about the company or the brand, ATS also allows you to custom share access to particular employees based on the requirement.

Data transfer made easy with Applicant Tracking System Software

You could be a company with one hiring manager or you could be a company with multiple people being involved in the hiring process, in situations like this transferring the data to one or the other person in the team or the transfer candidate details to spreadsheets or candidate database for proper hiring & client information.

Declare the Job Openings among the recruiters


When you handle multiple clients, the necessity of candidates could be planned or could be out of urgency. When you have ATS Software it becomes easy to publish the job opportunities with the required skillset among the peer recruiters and the hiring process starts.

Client portal & candidate management


When you hire, you get hundreds of applications. The process of shortlisting, sending the right profile to the candidate, and sending the information to the candidate will be too much to handle on the table. With ATS Software, it all becomes streamlined. It allows you to contact & keep a note if you have conveyed the information to the candidate or not, as a result, you don’t miss out on any candidate by chance.

Workflow becomes easy with ATS Software


ATS Software streamlines the workflow between the recruiting managers in the company. Starting from the job application on the job portals, collecting CV, shortlisting the candidates, transferring the data to the clients and the candidates, conveying the required information to the candidates for interview & hiring, and onboarding them.

Make your hiring process simple and consistent, with ATS software by employAstar you create a user-friendly and centralized working system for everyone in the team. Applicant Tracking System Software has skillfully integrated all the required software or requirement for a proper hiring procedure.

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