employAstar Expense Tracking Module for automated reimbursement

Superior Payrolls & Employee Contracts with Expense Tracking Software

employAstar Expense Tracking Module is a process which provides comprehensive expense sheets for the candidates that are hired and / or placed with your clients as Contract Employees. Its primary features are:

  • Keeping a track of all expenses incurred by employees
  • It is automatically connected to payroll to reimburse the claim bills
  • It helps create a record of what is being spent on each employee. This helps in companies fixing appropriate contract prices as well

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Any business requires expenses on a constant level and monitoring them is imperative for keeping up a solid strategy for success. Regardless of whether it’s talking about an arrangement with your customer over a supper or rolling over to your merchant’s to evaluate the samples, you never know when a cost may manifest. Recording and following these costs, encourages you in recognizing where your cash is going, and guarantees that your money related needs are being met.

When we talk about expenses, there are 3 types of expenses: Fixed Expenses, Variable Expenses & Periodic Expenses. Let us discuss some of the benefits of Expense tracking System:

  • Our module or the process is highly equipped to identify those key areas on which the large share of your expenses should be spent on. As our module is fully automated hence it can separate the prioritized expenses from the non-prioritized ones. This module will also track the expenses made by the employees hence, the employees can not cause too much unnecessary expense
  • It will streamline the flow of the finance in the company as the transferred expenses and receipts can be sent and updated with the help of this module, which creates a by default record which can be analyzed by the finance department. Being an automated system it can even produce the facts and figures as a report instantly for evaluation.
  • The biggest benefit of tracking expenses reflects in the budget. Only through tracking your expenses you will be able to identify the proper framework for the allocation of your financial resources. Moreover tracking expenses helps you to address the fluctuations that occur in the budget and control them proactively
  • Tracking expenses gives you the clear idea that how much of the financial resources you hold and which are the useless expenditures, which can be avoided to allocate that money on other areas.
  • Another huge benefit of tracking expenses is, that you are aware of the expenses which are normally missed or overlooked but are necessary. There are many expenses we usually forget or count as miscellaneous, which when combined makes a large figure. Tracking helps in identifying that are these expenses really unavoidable in nature or not.

Apart from everything else mentioned above, employAstar being a recruiting oriented service specializes in tracking the expenses caused by the employees. It makes an interconnected system so that the bill can be reimbursed from the payroll. It also shows that how much an organization is spending on an employee. This help in rolling out the salary packages.



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