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A recruiter has to manage multiple appointments in a day during a recruitment procedure with our appointment scheduling software. It becomes more challenging as schedules of the managers and the candidates keeps varying. Any member of the talent acquisition team or the HR will instantly agree that the toughest part is to schedule the interviews, as it requires both the candidates and the administrative persons to be present at the same place at same time.

With the measure of work going ahead through the different divisions it ends up hard to plan the mangers for an interview. Additionally, when you truly need some top talent for a significant position, it turns out to be amazingly hard to schedule an interview with the concerned manager as their timings may defer.

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For this sole purpose employAstar’s automated appointment management will help you a lot. Let your talent acquisition team devote the chunk of their time in sourcing the ideal candidates. In next few lines find out how the automated appointment management can help your talent acquisition team.

  • Automated appointment management permits to have more prominent adaptability, enhanced effectiveness and it mechanizes the regulatory capacities by streamlining the workload of HR team.
  • The interview scheduling gets enhanced either ways, i.e. interviews planned by the HR’s or through self-booking by the candidates.
  • The streamlining of this framework enables you to keep away from the chaos caused by pointless forward and backward messages and telephone calls which at last outcomes in losing some top talents.
  • Candidates can self-plan the meetings with the assistance of this framework.
  • It enables HR’s to set different meetings immediately by watching the timetables of applicants and the meeting group. It permits to roll out some continuous improvements when something should be refreshed.
  • One of the basic benefits of this system is that it lets you follow streamlined procedure; both by the managers and the candidates.
  • Additional time spent on the administrative functions of scheduling interviews implies less time spent on finding the ideal candidate and moving them through hiring process.
  • Automated interview scheduling allows candidates to self-plan and reschedule interviews themselves and thus, giving the talent acquisition team a sigh of relief.
  • Some other key benefits of the Appointment management are Time savings, Monetary savings, Fewer no-shows, Less time spent reporting, Reduction in scheduling errors & Flexibility and convenience.

By using Interviews Management tool, organizations can be better empowered to handle end-to end information of interviews. Interview schedules for all the shortlisted candidates are automatically generated along with a call letter.

employAstar’s automated appointment management also allows recruiters to:

  • Send and receive SMS response of acceptance
  • Do automatic and accurate scheduling of interviews
  • Interact with Interviewers and candidates
  • Send automated interview reminder notifications

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