Time tracking & attendance management with Timesheets

Automated monitoring of employees with employAstar’s Timesheets

Attendance management is one of the most important features that every company needs today. With big organizations, many offices, and thousands of employees, there has to be a standardized system for tracking the attendance of the employees, which can be implemented and replicated throughout the various offices and departments of the company worldwide

employAstar’s Timesheets provides employee time tracking software with attendance management to minimize compliance risks. It maintains an accurate timesheet that can fully automate attendance management. Timesheets service records every login and the logout as it is linked to the relevant employee id.

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This module gives different arrangement alternatives and logs can be kept up for billable and non-billable hours. This oversees and utilizes the attendance management framework without maintaining in manual records. Online records can be effortlessly used and recorded utilizing timesheets.

You might feel apprehensive of this automation. You may also feel that your current system is complicated enough and it might get even more through automation as no one is manually monitoring it. You can be even more doubtful about the need of it.

Let’s evaluate its benefits:

Data Entry: Great timesheet frameworks will give various information passage choices. You can check in an enter time worked information through work area and versatile interfaces, time tickers, or potentially IVR telephone time cards.

Processing: Timesheets wipes out the requirement for your staff to invest their precious time in entering information from paper timesheets, as your representatives can enter there details straightforwardly into the timesheet framework. With the correct framework, you can even automate things such as, approvals for entry, Leave requisitions, etc.

Storage: Another problem that you may face with a manual system is recovering and analyzing the previous data. Whereas timesheet programming frameworks offer basic approaches to carefully store and sort out your worker and HR records for simplified and direct access.

Efficiency: When you choose for timesheet featured software you should thoroughly cross check that does it have the features which are compatible to the system of your enterprise. You should be extremely particular about it as it helps you to integrate all you systems, such as payrolls, leaves, validation, approval etc. Such integration through automation saves lots of time.

Authenticity: Timesheet automation takes out potential information passage mistakes by enabling the representatives to enter the data representing the amount of work they have done, specifically into the framework. Timesheet programming frameworks give some sort of review trail that enables tech support to see employee movement. Along these lines, if there is some uncertainty about the precision of a timesheet, a system administrator can cross check the authenticity of the data.

The overall benefit of using an automated timesheet is that it allows you to customize once and let the automation manage all the data and information. It also processes the data in a categorical way hence; it makes the analysis extremely easy. It will let you instantly draw conclusions that how well your human resource is functioning and what changes needed to be made.

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