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Recruiting has rapidly changed in recent times and to keep at pace, with the changing world, it was necessary too. Companies are now expanding their workforce beyond the confined boundaries. Nowadays, to attract fresh and new talent companies are looking forward to social recruiting as it allows exploring uncharted territories and acquiring new possible prospects. Moreover new type of businesses requires a specific set of candidates with specific skills. Such candidates and even the traditional ones can be found on the social media platforms as it provides information beyond the usual resumes.

Social recruiters use the social media platforms like, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote employments, discover ability, and speak with potential selects about organizational culture. It is a powerful tool to find aloof applicants.

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employAstar Social recruiting software helps recruiters to recruit candidates by using social media platforms. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and other Internet sites to find information on candidates. With Social Recruit Module, you can:

  • Post your job openings on social media sites
  • Monitor job seeker activity
  • Leverage Social Media analytics to attract the best talent

One key benefit of social recruiting is that it cuts the noise and help to reach the right candidates. Another great benefit of social media recruiting software is that you can attract people by telling about your company’s work environment. Everyone wants to work in place which has a good work culture. Whenever people discuss about companies the most usual topic is how the work culture is. Hence the social media platform is a great space to promote the benefits and uniqueness of company’s environment.

Another key area to look for are the niche networks such as MOZ, github , stackoverflow, warrior forum , quora etc. This network provides so much information about the candidates. These platforms provide a bird eye view of their understanding of a particular subject and enable you to recognize the right guy for your work.

Another benefit is of social recruiting is to stumble upon the passive candidate whom you might not find in a normal job recruitment. You can find great talent on social media as people use it to showcase there passion. So the chances are you might find an individual who is from a different stream but his passion has made him exceptionally trained in some other stream.

Social recruiting also allows you to know about the candidate and figure out that is he or she a fit for your company and the work environment.

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