Interview Scheduling Offers Streamlining & Higher Attendance

Interview Scheduling Gives You Time Saving, Streamlining & Flexibility

For talent acquisition professionals, time is as precious as it gets. There are so many things to go through in recruiting process such as sourcing new talent, actively recruiting, conducting interviews, shortlisting candidates and finally going through with company’s final documentation.

Any member of the talent acquisition team or the HR will instantly agree that the toughest part is to schedule the interviews, as it requires both the candidates and the administrative persons to be present at the same place at same time.

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More than often in big organizations or even in smaller, with the amount of work going on through the various departments it becomes difficult to schedule the top managers for an interview. Moreover, when you really want some top talent for a crucial position, it becomes extremely difficult to coordinate, high profile personnel with a top manager as both of them are preoccupied.

So if you feel that your organization’s interview scheduling is extremely chaotic and inconsistent because of the amount of manual processes included, then employAstar’s automated interview scheduling will help you a lot. Let your talent acquisition team devote the chunk of their time in sourcing the ideal candidates.

This automated software streamlines the workload within all the team members. In next few lines find out how the automated interview scheduling can help your talent acquisition team.

  • Automated interview scheduling allows to have greater flexibility, improved efficiency and it automates the administrative functions by streamlining the workload of talent acquisition team
  • The scheduling process gets optimized either ways, i.e. interviews scheduled in advance or through self-scheduling by the candidates
  • The streamlining of this system allows you to avoid the mess caused by unnecessary back and forth emails and phone calls which ultimately results in losing some important candidates
  • Candidates can self-schedule the interviews with the help of this system
  • It allows recruiters to set multiple interviews at once by observing the schedules of candidates and the interview team. It allows to make some real time changes when something needs to be updated
  • One of the basic benefits of this system is that it lets you follow streamlined procedure; both by the managers and the candidates
  • Additional time spent on the administrative functions of scheduling interviews implies less time spent on finding the ideal candidate and moving them through hiring process. Automated interview scheduling allows candidates to self-plan and reschedule interviews themselves and thus, giving the talent acquisition team a sigh of relief
  • Some other key benefits of the Automated interview scheduling are Time savings, Monetary savings, Fewer no-shows, Less time spent reporting, Reduction in scheduling errors & Flexibility and convenience

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