employAstar provides client login &HR spoc login for feedback

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Feedback is very important in every process. Whether it’s in favor or against, a feedback is something which will help you a lot in the way to succeed. Feedback lets you visualize and understand the things from the people’s perspective, which you are dealing with. It’s one of the direct and easiest ways to evaluate your pros and cons.

employAstar provides client login & HR spoc login to upload the feedback of the candidates. Through this you can know the status of the candidates and form appropriate HR strategies in the future. You can also bring in change if any short coming or gap is detected.

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Moreover while certain parts are given more importance, feedback is something which is done as a formality more than often. Let us evaluate why feedback is important:

  • It increases the involvement of the candidates to a great extent. Normally a top candidate is involved in various hiring processes simultaneously. Taking there feedback and paying attention to them, keeps them more involved and make them feel more at place. Such a candidate is more likely to accept an offer, as he starts to like the company environment
  • Lack of communication or miscommunication is one of the fundamental reasons that things go bad in interaction. If the feedback is taken properly and given importance, then the candidate instantly feels that the company is a considerate one. Moreover lack of communication will lead to misinformation and misconception. A hiring process usually succeeds when the interaction is transparent and participative
  • As an organization you will want the candidate to be completely involved and extremely interested to be part of your company’s workforce. A well-organized feedback module answers all the queries and doubts a candidate has. Hence he or she feels more comfortable and more clarified about his role and what company has to offer. It increases chances of them saying yes to the company as they will fell that company is paying attention to their issues. On the contrary the more you drag a hiring process without communication; it frustrates and irritates the candidate more.
  • Every recruiter in any company has a good knowledge base and some specific set of skills because of which they have excelled in the profession. But even he needs a reality check about the ongoing process i.e. how much the recruitment process is performing, how is the quality of the recruits, how satisfied are they in the company and how the company feels about the recruitment process. Hence, if your recruiter gets a constant feedback then he will be able to identify that what is working and what is not and will be able to do adjustments accordingly. In the end as a company it will benefit you only as you recruitment process is performing better

At the end of the day every recruitment process is about hiring the right candidate. But as an organization you should not keep pushing the button on finding the right candidate rather you should go through a process to reach the desired outcome. The process goes through the decisions taken on the basis of right information, which come from a feedback.



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