How Recruitment Software Outperforms Simple ATS

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ATS vs Recruitment Software:

Tracking, storing and sourcing the applicant data is just a part of the recruitment process. A simple ATS can perform this job. But an end to end recruitment process is comprised of several workflows. Only recruitment software is competent enough to handle all the workflows in an organized manner.

Recruitment Software automates resume screening, resume parsing, Job posting & interview scheduling. It helps to reduce the workload and focus more on hiring efforts. Timesheets, Invoice module & profit &loss module will also come in extremely handy.


Recruitment software can perform everything that an ATS can along with doing everything else. The biggest benefit of recruitment software lies in the automation. It organizes the workflow and each step is subsequently followed by another. The following table can explain how recruitment software scores aces over an ATS.

Resume Parsing Yes Yes
Applicant Tracking Yes Yes
Data Storage Yes Yes
Interview Scheduling Yes No
Automated Bulk Email & SMS Yes No
Appointment Scheduling Yes No
Powerful Search Yes No
Job Management Yes No
Social Recruiting Yes No
Portal Integration Yes No
Dashboards Yes No
VMS Yes No
Utility Modules Yes No


When we talk about recruitment platforms the fundamental question is that how it is going to cater to your needs.

  • Every business has some generic needs and some personalized needs based on the industry, company size, geo-location & the various departments. Only recruitment software has enough flexibility to become custom fit.
  • Both staffing agencies & Corporate HR’s can function with a recruitment software
  • Quality & Quantity of services offered with recruitment software are of enterprise level
  • Recruitment software are competent and technologically advanced than a simple ATS
  • Online Recruitment software offers one of the most secure and credible client data base

When we consider all these factors then our only choice can be recruitment software. It is,

  • Comprehensive & Utilitarian
  • Caters to every Industry
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Optimum quality with Technical prowess
  • Secure Database

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Utilities of recruitment software:

  • Email & SMS integration supports bulk communication
  • Data will be stored in the software and can be searched whenever necessary
  • Provides with automated Salary calculations, leave policy Etc.
  • Organization can generate any kind of letter to candidates like appointment letter, appraisal letter & offer letter on an instant basis with standardization
  • Cloud based recruitment software is highly secure and flexible way for maintaining & processing confidential information
  • Recruiters can store enormous data & keep those files secure and confidential
  • Social Recruiting & Portal Integration lets you go through all the job portals and social platforms at once to find out the best talents
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