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Getting timely and necessary approvals at each stage is an utmost need for a process to be completed. Moreover, for a recruitment procedure it’s more needed, as the process is complex and long. If any type of Approval Workflow Software gets stuck, then it will result in loss of the candidate or the company resources.

Even while handling projects, the approval process is the first thing that is taken care of. The reason is that to make any process streamlined, the biggest roadblock is the approval from the concerned people or the concerned departments. Lack of coordination can result in an approval delayed or stuck more than often.

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employAstar approval process is the solution for this problem. Our cloud based recruitment system is interconnected and streamlined. Once you have customized it according to the organizational mechanism, it will send notification and alerts to every concerned department and people. Hence, it will bring everyone onboard within a proper timeframe. This will enable the workflow to go in a streamlined way by subsequently following the procedure.

We have the most advanced Application Tracking System to resolve all your problems and it’s based on the world’s topmost CRM platform, Salesforce. At employAstar we believe in simplifying and automating the recruitment process to its core.

We also have our roles and permission feature which makes the system secure. Hence, it ensures that the approvals are done by the right person.

The employAstar approval process works on the amount of steps you have predetermined for a certain type of approval. So when once it is set, it works on its own.

The advantage of utilizing employAstar approval process is that you don’t need to depend on anyone to manually Submit for Approvals. You can have it naturally submitted for approval when certain conditions happen. You would characterize the criteria to start the procedure. In our automated approval process, you would simply make sure that the criteria which you have set for a certain approval or task is correct.

employAstar’s approval process is built on Salesforce process builder module. Let’s see some benefits of this module:

  • The process builder can interconnect several workflows into a streamlined and single process. It works according to a chain of command.
  • It can interconnect & evaluate several actions for each criteria.
  • A process builder can access apex code and simple tasks can be automated.
  • Notifications can be applied through various forms.

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