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A recruitment dashboard is a visual presentation that allows you to combine multiple reports together for a quick overview. It allows you to have the best visual comparative understanding of a situation, as it is illustrated through data and metrics. You can add reports, widgets, user filters, and rich-formatted text to make the dashboards visually rich.

At employAstar we provide you with an automated system that generates accurate management reports. Our Recruitment Reporting & Dashboard will help you to track the entire business activities and the performance of all the individuals.

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A  recruitment dashboard is a simple to peruse, one-page synopsis of the data. It is an outline of your framework initially. There are numerous points of interest that outcome in the use of this apparatus. Probably the most critical advantages are:

Customizable – Recruitment Dashboards could be altered as far as clients and desires. Every choice level dashboard can be redone to display the most important and valuable arrangement of data. This enables every individual to see the level of detail that they require with a specific end goal to complete their activity and meet their objectives.

Inclusive – In the past clients would invest expansive measures of effort in evaluating various reports individually and then go for comparative analysis which was time-consuming and sometimes confusing. This instrument permits seeing, initially, a generalized, all in one and circumstantial report of the coveted data.

Penetrate into detail – Recruitment Dashboards are more on point as they are created to show all possible and probable outcomes of a situation. Hence, it is like evaluating a problem or issue from all sides. It also has varied segmentation of all different issues that can be presented and evaluated in an aloof manner.

Easy to use – Our recruitment reports and dashboards feature is easy to use and doesn’t require any training. The graphic design is very well organized and allows you to navigate through the system in a smooth manner.

Accessibility – Our dashboard feature is extremely mobile-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. It lets you create those easy or complex dashboards while on the go.

Moreover, in today’s pace of business operations, it’s hard to make people go through those long and detailed reports. Especially the Senior managers or the board of directors don’t have time to go through every nifty detail.

As for recruitment HR dashboards are progressively prevalent and imperative in the present Human Resources offices. They help visualize the key points that are important to properly manage the workforce and resolve any issue that might be causing the problem. The managers can take a better decisions regarding talent acquisitions with the proper use of recruitment analytics.

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