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A good leave management system caters both the employee and the employer. It can efficiently plan an employee’s absence in advance. It also suits well with the staffing needs as the employees can adjust leaves according to the requirement. A leave management module is a process which helps the company to customize the leave policy in a preferred manner and it allows employees to apply for leaves. The other features that can be managed by the system are as follows, leave history, leaves pending, leave approval, leave requisition etc.


employAstar Leave Management Module interconnects the leaves’ data with the payroll to get the data integrated and prepares a comprehensive database. employAstar Leave Management Module is fully automated and customizable to the minute detail. In a way our services can be tailored from the scratch to suit your business model. It will help you in effectively managing your staffing needs as there will never be shortage of employees on a given day, usually caused by lack of prior notification. Apart from this, it has all the generic and advanced features a leave management system can possess. Now let’s see some benefits of the leave management system.

  • A leave management system makes the work environment more transparent. By providing the access to all the employees about all the information that is there to know about the companies schedule creates a level of transparency. This also makes the procedure of leave approval and rejection more on the record, which doesn’t allow any level of miscommunication.
  • A leave management system ensures the compliance to the policies of a company. It will be in line with the inherent laws of the company hence there will not be any chance of discrimination.
  • The record maintained by the system is accurate and can’t be tempered with. It will hold the accurate information regarding leave balance and leaves taken. It will also help in generating pay slips based on precise information.
  • It will make all the employees aware of the rules of a leave policy. They will be aware of the amount of leave permissible. It will excessively benefit at the time of a vacation & sabbaticals
  • It will make the system streamlined and disciplined. It will also encourage a better employee attendance.
  • It successfully defines your leave types. You can classify leaves such as, Earned/privileged leave (PL), casual leaves (CL), sick leaves (SL), Compensatory off (comp offs), maternity leaves (ML) & paternity leaves.
  • Leave management module makes you aware of the various nuance of the system such as Yearly leaves Eligible, Leave rule during the probation period, Days in advance to apply for a leave, Leave regularization policy, Leave clubbing, Paid leaves, comp offs, sick leaves etc.
  • From the HRMS point of view the system provides a comprehensive report of an employee leave history and patterns. Thus, it becomes easy to analyze that are the employees maintaining the adherence to policies.



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