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Job Management Automates Job posting, Tracking & Scheduling

We all know that managing jobs throughout organizations can get all over the place with so many departments and their distinctive requirements. Hence employAstar is focused on catering the services to simplify this procedure. Our job management software are flexible and on point. Our software has expertise in handling areas of resource scheduling and job scheduling.

You can easily allocate the resources to the various tasks. Through resource scheduling you can also perform simple operation management; it will allow you to outline completion dates of all varied tasks assigned to various people and teams. They can also report back about the proceedings to the relevant individuals.

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Our job scheduling service can manage jobs right from the beginning, when they are posted and will serve you as a go to solution for everything thereafter. All the steps which lies in between, like accepting resumes, applicant tracking, interview scheduling etc., will also be monitored and followed by our job management software.

Most of the tasks in Resource Management Software are automated. Routine tasks, such as scheduling phone calls and in-person interviews, comprise part of the work performed by these systems.

employAstar job management software is capable of handling whatever your business and recruitment needs. Such as :

  • Search and organize on the basis of open jobs and requirements
  • View all information on easy to navigate features
  • Manage the list of the personnel with the similar and required skills for a specific profile
  • Track all your leads
  • Build a list of the various stage of recruitment i.e. you can have a prospect list, you can have a list of shortlisted candidates, you can have a list of candidates for the final rounds and so on
  • Manage jobs through an easy to use job console
  • You can easily collect data by creating marketing sources for jobs
  • Schedule emergency jobs with ease or create an unscheduled jobs queue
  • Edit or remove jobs as needed
  • Plan for capacity estimates and issues
  • Access all client and job details from the cloud (on mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • Use checklists and task lists
  • Employees are instantly notified of any schedule changes
  • Create professional invoices, then email, text, print, or even post them to your client
  • Consolidate all your notes, quotes, emails, and documents all in one place.
  • Customizable templates for different jobs or customers

The job manager features several options to customize your work according to your company’s requirement. Our technical support ensures that the hiring process is completed with quality and accuracy. Automation helps in speeding up the process and ensures that time and efforts are saved. Recruiters and interviewers automatically get a notification through Email, when a job is assigned to them.

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