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Payment of bills on a proper schedule is the key to a successful business. Whereas late payments or no payments can hamper your reputation among the vendors and services you opt for. Moreover if you pay a same vendor twice and, if such a case gets replicated it will result in a financial loss for you. Hence you need a calendar stating what to pay, whom to pay and on what date it should be paid, as it will make business operations hassle free.

At employAstar, we have a feature solely dedicated to this. employAstar’s billing calendars lets you keep in track of every billing date. You can streamline all your payments and they will be done on the required date. Apart from the generic features one highlight of the employAstar’s billing calendars is that it fully automated. Hence it pin points every date that crucial for a billing cycle according to the information you feed in and gives you notification or alerts.

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Proper application of our Billing calendars will allow you to have a proper record maintenance system. Let’s see some of the featured benefits of employAstar’s billing calendars feature:

  • It allows you to keep a track and record of each and every Billing date.
  • It helps you in mapping all the paid and unpaid bills.
  • It allows you to keep in track the people who have already received the payment and the people who are yet to receive it.
  • It also lets you evaluate that the payment has to be made or not. If a bill is showing unpaid then you can evaluate the reason behind it; that is it a genuine case or there was some lapse in the services.

These all are anyway essential procedures of any billing procedure but employAstar’s billing calendars feature is fully automated and does this for you on its own.

Some generic benefits of an automated billing calendars feature are as follows:

  • A bill will never get mistakenly paid or overpaid or not even paid more than once.
  • It will save you from making late payments and will let the concerned services run smoothly.
  • It has alerts for duplicate payments, over payments and pending payments.
  • It lets you collaborate with all the stake holders instantly
  • It serves as a great tool for auditing as you can track bills from receipt to payment instantly.

There are countless ways this process can serve you. Most of all it gives you the control over the billing system that you have always wished for and which can never be achieved through manual system.

employAstar has a wide range of ATS Features and ATS Solutions which makes it one of the topmost automated ATS Software in the World.

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