Resume Parsing


Resume Parser extracts information from any given resume and converts it into a structured format. Several applicant sources are automatically parsed, stored and made searchable through the Software. employAstar resume parser supports all types of formats including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt.

Resumes can be submitted for parsing one file at a time, ormultiple files in an archive format. This makes it possible for recruiters to save a lot of time and effort.

Email and SMS integration


employAstar provide pre-defined customizable template based email generation tool that helps you to send emails easily to candidates or clients.

It also allows you to go through your mails faster & more efficiently. employAstar SMS Integration allows you to send and receive text messages directly to and from candidates and contacts anywhere in the world.

Job Management


employAstar is focused on meeting client requirements and helping organizations manage jobs, right from posting details to accepting resumes and applicant tracking and all the way through the interview process and closing the recruitment.

The job manager feature and support helps ensure that the hiring process is completed with quality and accuracy. Automation helps speed up the process and ensure that time and efforts are saved. Recruiters and interviewers automatically get a notification through Email, when a job is assigned to them.

Social Recuiting


Social recruiting helps recruiters to recruit candidates by using social media platforms. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and other Internet sites to find information on candidates. With Social Recruit Module, you can:

  • Post your job openings on social media sites
  • Monitor job seeker activity
  • Leverage Social Media analytics to attract the best talent

Portal Integration


Recruiters can find candidates on various Job Portals from a single search. With the help of this portal integration, recruiters can save time & tedium of running individual searches on various job portals.

Resumes can be submitted for parsing one file at a time, ormultiple files in an archive format. This makes it possible for recruiters to save a lot of time and effort.

Interview Scheduling


Resume Parser extracts information from any given resume and converts it into a structured format. Several applicant sources are automatically parsed, stored and made searchable through the Software. employAstar resume parser supports all types of formats including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt.

This feature also allows recruiter to:

  • Help identify duplicate profiles already existing in your database
  • Post the Jobs directly from Application to the Job Portals
  • Get complete analytics pertaining to candidates hired from Job Portals

Appointment Management


By using Interviews Management tool, organizationscan be better empowered to handle end-to end information of interviews.

nterview schedules for all the shortlisted candidates are automatically generated along with a call letter.

This feature also allows recruiters to:

  • Send and receive SMS response of acceptance
  • Do automatic and accurate scheduling of the interviews
  • Interact with Interviewers and candidates
  • Send automated interview reminder notifications

Approval Process


An approval process includes who to request for approval and what to do at each point of the process.

Your admin can set up approval processes that let you and other users submit records for approval, which results in approval requests.

This can enable you to hire the right candidates in the shortest possible time and in an efficient manner.

Reports and Dashboards


employAstar generates accurate management information. Reports and dashboards feature helps organizations to track the entire business and individual consultant performance.

Data can be presented in a variety of formats for ease of use and analysis. For an unparalleled level of insight into conversion and success rates, key performance indicators, productivity and pipeline activity, employAstar provides the information you need.

employAstar analytics helps you to visualize the entire staffing activity with simple and easy to understand dashboards. Moreover you can save time and effort preparing a management report as the report is updated in real time.

Roles and Permission


employAstar helps create users with specific role and profile-based permissions across ownership of data (own, team, hierarchical, product and location) ensuring maximum flexibility to suit organizational data access and restriction needs.

  • Assign Roles & Permission
  • Based on the Roles the Permission will enable
  • Share only the data you want as per the hierarchy

Vendor Management System


employAstar provides an effective solution for staffing companies to integrate and automate the entire VMS process.

VMS software enables hiring companies to publish job requisitions to multiple staffing companies and manage their candidate submissions to reduce time to fill and encourage competitive pricing. Vendors can update about their job assignments and can log in to the portal and enter the details of the candidates.

The vendor gets an alert of any new posting & enters candidate details through his log in. This makes it easier to establish better recruitment process and a quick hiring solution.

Billing Calendars


Billing Module in employAstar provides various reports and helps not only manage billing smartly but also tracks performance of each recruiter, client and other members.

It helps ensure that there is customized billing and there are no errors caused in the billing process. This can help create a speedy and accurate billing process which is useful to close monthly payments and salaries.

Invoice Module


employAstar provides a very effective Invoice Module to organizations and clients. Organizations would be able to generate any type of invoice to Clients.It acts as a transaction between both parties. The proof of payment is important and in invoice can help maintain the details of what was done and how much it costs. You can even send multiple invoices at once. This helps form a strong record maintenance system with invoices in place. employAstar assists with recording of each transaction and payment along with mapping of paid and unpaid bills.

  • Keeping a record of each transaction
  • Mapping paid/unpaid bills
  • Billing individual clients by e-mail
  • Multiple invoices can be generated and sent to clients electronically
  • Pay bills electronically
  • Invoices e-mail directly to the contacts
  • Automated Process

The invoice module is of great use to every recruiter and staffing companies as it helps them maintain well organized invoice records. With the assistance of employAstar it would be possible for you to generate invoices in no time. Just feeding in the required inputs would help you make invoices accurately and help you save time, effort and cost. employAstar can prove to be an asset to the organization while managing the staffing process.



employAstar provides employee time tracking module with attendance management to minimize compliance risks. It helps to maintain an accurate timesheet with exact details and attendance management can be automated. It helps to ensure that there is effective login details recording as time is recorded for every login and logout with it being linked to the respective employee id. In this way timesheets that help achieve compliance can be created with ease using employAstar.

  • Record your attendance, time and track your projects
  • Track number of hours spent on different projects and activities
  • Log both billable and non billable hours

This module provides various classification options and logs can be maintained for billable and non billable hours. This helps manage and use the attendance management system without having to maintain in manual records. Online records can be easily accessed and maintained using employAstar recruitment solutions.

Profit and Loss Module


The Profit & Loss Module summarizes the cost and expenses incurred in a specific period of time. It gives a clear map about how much profit you’re making, whether the company is in profit or loss.Organizations can calculate profit and loss on a monthly or yearly basis.

The profit & loss Module helps a company know exactly whether it is profit or loss and plan their hiring strategies accordingly. employAstar helps users know the financial result of its recruitment process and then form suitable strategies for the future.

Insurance Module


If the company is providing any insurance to the employees all the data will be stored in the insurance module. Insurance processes require a lot of data and documentation.

employAstar, through its online module helps maintain records that can be easily accessed and at the same time form a basis for tracking the premium payments. In this way this module enables companies to automate insurance records maintenance processes to a great exten

Expense Tracking Module


The system provides a comprehensive expense sheet for the candidates that are hired and / or placed with your clients as Contract Employees.

  • Keep a track of all expenses incurred by employees
  • It is automatically connected to payroll to reimburse the claim bills

It helps create a record of what is being spent on each employee. This helps companies fix appropriate contract prices as well.

Leave Management Module


employAstar connects all employees to manage their leaves and captures data in Payroll module so that a complete record can be maintained.

  • Customizes your leave types & holiday list
  • View detailed leave history and leave balance
  • One click leave requests & approvals

This module helps employees and managers manage leaves appropriately. It assists in effective staffing and helps ensure that the companies have the required number of employees on a particular day. At the same time the information reaches the top management about leave applied for by any of the employee.

HR Spoc Login


employAstar provides client login/HR spoc login to upload the feedback of the candidates.

Through this you can know the status of the candidates and form appropriate HR strategies in the future. You can also bring in change if any short coming or gap is detected.

Background Verification


Employee screening is a critical capability for organizations today. It is no longer just a part of the hiring process.

Employee background checks, eligibility verification and even tax credit screening are increasingly becoming a part of the ongoing talent life- cycle.

employAstar helps organizations screen resumes and perform background verification based on the databases that it can access. This helps recruiters obtain information about candidates and their background.



employAstar provides individual logins for freelancers, where they can upload candidate resume according to requirements and enables obtain higher flexibility and access thus increasing the chances of finding the right candidate for a job.

employAstar assists in building a holistic approach to fulfill the hiring needs of an organization.

Referral Module


employAstar provides a platform that allows your employees to make consistent referrals.

It encourages and motivates employees to contribute to the resume database and provide the company with better candidates to choose from.

This can be made a continuous process by using the referral module provided by employAstar.


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